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How to clean the pool

Any stand-up is not sterile (distilled) water is prone to «flowering» — in it are planted blue-green algae.

You need to professionally clean the pool water — reference to pool maintenance http://www.montelgroup.org/adwords2.html.

The second pollution factor is garbage deposited by the users of the basin. Even if it is not sand, the particles of the skin, hair, cosmetics — must fall.

The third — if the pool is street — garbage, applied by the wind: the same sand, pollen, leaves, etc.

 Pollution of the home pool

All types of pollution — physical, chemical and biological — are present in any basins. Timely and properly cleaned pool will save you health and cubic meters of water.

Basic ways to clean a country pool

    Physical cleaning
    Chemical Cleaning
    Electrophysical cleaning

How to clean a country pool

The simplest solution is how to clean the home pool, if the water is still clear, but on the water and at the bottom of the garbage is the use of nets and vacuum cleaners. But the bottom is more convenient to clean with a special water vacuum cleaner.

If this is a small children’s pool, then the bottom is easily cleaned with a conventional hose using the vacuum method. One end of the hose is lowered into the inflatable pool, and through the other end we make a slight movement as if to suck in air. And the water immediately starts to go through the hose. So you can clean the bottom of sand and small debris.

Deciding how to clean the bottom of the pool with your own hands, many make a water vacuum cleaner on their own. You will need to buy a pump and a water filter. A brush and holder for it is made from improvised means or taken from a home vacuum cleaner. The same brush should be cleaned and the bottom, and the walls, and the waterline from the sediment.

Cleaning with a water vacuum cleaner is effective, because filters can not qualitatively collect all the bottom debris and process the walls from the plaque.

How to clean the bottom of the pool, if the bottom vacuum cleaner does not help? Then it will remain to drain all the water and clean the pool of dirt with a brush and cleaning agent.

Filters are another way to physically clean the pool.

Filters eliminate contaminants that are not visible to the eye. Without a filter, water will stagnate and become rotten faster.

Filters are:

    Sandy — the cheapest. The filter is quartz sand, which is washed with running water weekly. For garbage from 20 microns.
    Cartridge — keep the litter from 10 microns. They are more expensive, but they are better cleaned.
    Diatoms are the most expensive, keep garbage up to 3 microns. Quickly clogged, so you need to change cartridges several times a year.

A good option is how to purify the water in the pool at the cottage in the presence of a garden plot, which should be watered — this is the organization of flow-through water exchange. Ready systems for this you will not find. Here you need to show technical savvy yourself. The bottom line is that 0.5% of water is constantly drained from the water surface, which goes to watering the site. So the raid on the walls is almost not going to, and the water does not bloom. Also you will have to do without chemistry.

Chemical cleaning method

Although effective filtration and water circulation helps to combat dissolved contaminants, chemical cleaning agents should be used.

The simplest way is to chlorinate water to destroy nitrogen compounds. But it does not completely kill bacteria, and is a poison.

Bromine as a disinfector is not worse than chlorine, but more expensive.

100% safe disinfector — oxygen.

To quickly clean the pool from a weak coating on the walls, without draining the water, just make a double dose of cleaning and disinfectants.

Chemical way of cleaning the pool

Signal that the coating around the pool is time to seriously clean — muddy water: a greenish or milky tone.

Green water is the result of biological contamination by microorganisms. And it is this that causes irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, and not the chlorination of water, as many think.

To combat the flowering of water, anti-algae preparations are used — algaecides. But water free of greenery can not be considered safe. Bacteria, viruses and fungi are destroyed only by disinfectants.

How to clean the pool at home with troubled water

Cleaning the pool with muddy water The reasons for the turbid water:

     1. Pollution by pollen, spores or dust, clay, which do not catch sand filters.

Solution: use preparations of coagulants and flocculants, which bind small contaminants, forming flakes. They are then collected with a vacuum cleaner.

These drugs can not be used in diatomite and cartridge filters

     2. Pollution by microorganisms.

The solution: to carry out shock treatment with disinfectant.

    3. Everything can be more difficult, because the transparency of water affects:

    chemical composition of water
    acidity (pH)
    content of minerals and inorganic impurities

It may be necessary to consult a specialist in the selection of reagents.

What to do if the pool has rusty water

Rusty water in the pool

Water looks rusty from iron, which is contained in water.

It is possible to pass such water through the filter, clearing of rust before it enters the pool.

Or treat the water in the pool with a coagulant, which will oxidize the water, and the precipitate will fall into the bottom of the flakes.

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